Current Projects

Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community. 

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Tri Vista Lift Station

AIA Grant Study Water System / Reservoir (Underway)

Planning for 2025

Water Line Replacement-Holston Village,White Dogwood,

Waterline/Valves,Sewer Lines North Lakeshore

Kilgore-County Rd-Sewer Line

Fire Hydrant & Valve Replacements (On going project)

Reservoir Roof Membrane Replacement & Pump

Chapel, Sequoia & Hagood Water line Replacement, & Paving

Water Meter Replacement Program

The Meter Replacement Program began a few years ago, and we are nearing completion. All manual, analog water meters are being replaced wtih ultrasonic, radio-read electronic meters. We have completed installation of about 85% of the system, and will be installing the remaining 15% throughout 2024-2025.

Sewer Mainline Replacement for J B Ivey